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Chemistry Lab Instrument

We design chemistry lab equipment to deliver error free results and long lasting performance. The apparatus is precisely engineered using quality raw material and superior technology in compliance with quality standards recognized internationally. Our range of chemistry lab equipment can be availed in standard as well as customized specifications at industry leading prices.


We fabricate the following chemistry lab instruments:

  • Bottles & Brushes
  • Burner Bunsen
  • Corks
  • Hoffman's Voltameter
  • Pipette
  • Test Tube
  • Tripod Stand

Other Lab Equipment

Our vast range of laboratory equipment is used to perform complicated experiments in chemistry, physics and bio-medical laboratories. The equipment is specifically engineered using quality raw material to ensure light weight and excellent performance. We fabricate lab equipment in strict adherence with industry standards so as to deliver accurate results, which are important for the success of an experiment.


The laboratory equipment available with us is mentioned below:

  • Burette Stand
  • Burette Clamps
  • Air Pump
  • Alcohol burner
  • Allihn’s Condenser
  • Analytical Balance
  • Aneroid Barometer
  • Mohr clip
  • Molar mass apparatus
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Multi-gas burner
  • Ignition tube
  • Incubator universal
  • Water tap
  • Weighing bottle
  • Wet & dry bulb thermometer
  • Whirling hygrometer
  • Wire platinum
  • Woulff bottle
  • Wire gauze
  • Porcelain ware

Chemistry Lab Instruments

We follow stringent quality parameters while engineering chemistry lab instruments for export purposes. Used in conducting experiments in institutional and commercial testing laboratories, our assortment of lab equipment is widely appreciated for 100% accurate results. These instruments are made using light weight yet resilient raw material and are designed to ensure easy handling while performing experiments. Comprehending the growing needs of our clients, we continuously innovate lab equipment to cater to the diverse requirements of the industry.


We export the following range of chemistry lab equipment:

  • Air pump
  • Analytical balance counter
  • Balance double beam balance mass
  • Balance physical balance triple beam
  • Barometer aneroid demonstration barometer aneroid wall type
  • Barometer forting beaker tong
  • Black board geometrical set blow pipe
  • Boss head boss head
  • Bottle eye bottle Mt Cartney
  • Bottle weighing brush beaker
  • Brush bottle wooden handle brush burette
  • Brush flask brush test tube
  • Brush test tube cotton end brush test tube fan end
  • Bunsen burner maker
  • Bunsen burner with stop cock butterfly net faraday
  • Carbon electrodes centrifuge hand driven
  • Centrifuge laboratory tubes
  • Charcoal block borer
  • Double / single clamp burette
  • Clamp retort four prong / clamp retort three prongs
  • Clamp retort two prong / clamp universal
  • Hoffman's clip / Mohr's iron CP with thumb
  • Mohr's iron CP clips crocodile
  • Cobalt glass condenser air
  • Condenser Allihn / condenser Graham
  • Condenser Liebig / condenser Liebig with socket and cone
  • Cork borer / cork borer sharpener
  • Cork boring machine cork pressure
  • Cork rubber cork silicon
  • Cork wooden crucible tong
  • Crucibles silicon/nickel
  • Drawing board
  • Filter paper first aid kit
  • Flask tong funnel stand wooden
  • Gas tap gloves
  • Heating mantle / Hoffman Voltameter with packing
  • Hot plate hot plate with magnetic stirrer
  • Hygrometer hair hygrometer wet and dry
  • Laboratory jack lever balance dual scale
  • Measuring tape melting point apparatus
  • Mercury tong meter rule
  • Muffle furnace
  • Ostward viscometer oven
  • Periodic table of atoms ph indicator
  • Ph meter digital ph meter portable pen type
  • Pipette bulb rubber pipette / bulb teet
  • Pipette dropping / pipette filler
  • Pipette glass bulb form pipette microlitre fixed volume
  • Pipette microlitre tips pipette microlitre variable volume
  • Pipette serological/graduated platinum electrodes
  • Polarimeter senior
  • Retort ring retort stand base and rod
  • Retort stand base and rod roberval balance
  • Salt bridge spatula both side flat
  • Spatula chattaway spatula pellet style
  • Spatula SS one side spoon spirit lamp glass hexagonal
  • Spirit lamp metallic stirrer laboratory
  • Stop clock stop watch digital
  • Stop watch mechanical syphon
  • Test tube glass test tube holder all wooden
  • Test tube holder cross pattern test tube holder sliding
  • Test tube side arm / test tubes stand wooden
  • Thermometer clinical thermometer max & min
  • Thermometer wall, plastic base thermometer wall, wooden base
  • Thermometers mercury/red spirit thermometers wet & dry
  • Tripod stand tube capillary
  • Tube delivery tube glass
  • Tube latex tube rubber
  • Tube rubber extra soft tube silicon
  • Universal clamp
  • Water bath 6 holes water bath 6 holes double walled

Types Bunsen Burner

We offer reliable and leakage proof light base Bunsen Burners fitted with LPD & PG nipples and brass stop cork. Our burners are made of thick Brass Chrome plated pipes, fitted with painted screw air regulators. The burners undergo stringent quality tests in order to ensure optimum durability, efficiency and flammability. Our range of Bunsen Burners are manufactured in tandem with international quality standards and can also be modified to suit specific requirements of the clients.


Two basic specifications of Bunsen burners engineered by us are mentioned below:

  • Bunsen Burner: Duco painted, heavy base, supplied with LPG & PG nipples
  • Bunsen Burner: Provided with brass stop cock

Wet and dry thermometer
 We offer wet and dry thermometer, plastic base,

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