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Resistance Box

Resistance Box (Plug Type) is of a superior quality Heavy Brass Metal Blocks Size 7/16" are bound to Bakelite Plate by means of nuts and screws securing rigid fixation and eliminating any chance of contact error creping due to loosening of plugs and lugs which are cut to fine taper and are interchangeable. Plug heads are machine moulded, of heavy insulated Bakelite in beautiful shapes. The boxes are made of Teak-wood and nicely polished. We are renowned as one of the staggering High Power Resistance Box Suppliers in India. 

Great care is taken in preparing the wire wound resistance. Selected double Covered Eureka Wire is wound in Bakelite spools. Sufficient ageing and Heat Treatment is processed through to avoid any moisture effects. Solder Joints are sealed after calibration. The Decade Resistance Box is calibrated on imported Testing Bridge Accuracy ± 0.1%.

Battery Eliminator

Battery Eliminator offered by us is ideally designed to be safe & reliable source of low voltage D.C., for use in class rooms. Both, Universal DC Battery Eliminator and Universal AC Battery Eliminator are available in the market. Allow teachers to conduct experiments requiring a variety of direct voltages while avoiding the decreased characteristics of dry cell. Comprising a heavy duty transformer wound with copper wire with high lamination to avoid losses, selector switch & bridge rectifiers (consists of full wave silicon diode bridge rectifier) with jewel light and safety fuse. We are also reputed amongst the dependable Drill Battery Eliminator Manufacturers, based in India. 

Output 2-12 VD.C in steps of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 Volts

Capacitance Boxes

Capacitance Boxes offered by are made in single or more dials having condensers joined in parallels. Each dial of Portable Capacitance Boxes contains ten segments, high grade paper condenser housed in a teak wood case with engraved Bakelite top or in Metal case with Screen Printed Top. Moreover, we are listed amidst the preeminent Decade Capacitance Boxes Exporters and Suppliers in India.

•Single Dial Condenser Box

•Two Dials Condenser Box

•Three Dials Condenser Box

•Four Dials Condenser Box

Function Generator
The Function Generator is capable of Providing SINE, SQUARE, TRIANGLE. Low Distortion Function Generator has linear Frequency Scale very low Distortion and constant signal amplitude with the output Signal Symmetry about Zero. The DC coupled output provides square wave without any appreciable Sag at low frequency. It has maximum 20 VP/P amplitude. The output is protected against short circuit. It has a offset control provided to shift the base line of signal by ± 10 volts. The continuously variable DC offset control further enhances the versatility of the instrument. The equipment is used in Audio Electronics and other Laboratory & Research Work. Moreover, we are looked upon as one of the major Portable Function Generator Manufacturers & Exporters in India.

mechnics Instruments

  • Set of Masses, Brass
  • Slotted Masses Iron
  • Mass Hangers Iron
  • Masses, Iron, Metric
  • Masses Hooked Cylindrical
  • Force Table
  • Parallelogram of Forces Apparatus
  • Single Plastic
  • Single Metal
  • Double Parallel Plastic
  • Double Parallel Metal
  • Triple Parallel Plastic
  • Triple Parallel Metal
  • Double in Line Plastic
  • Double in Line Metal
  • Triple in Line Plastic
  • Triple in Line Metal
  • Differential, Aluminium
  • All System Cylindrical
  • Rod Type
  • Double Cone on Ramp
  • Projectile Apparatus
  • Collision in Two Dimensional Kit
  • Metric
  • Newton
  • Tubular Metric
  • Tubular Newton
  • Metric/Newton (Combined)
  • Dial Type
  • Pulley All Purpose
  • Compression Balance
  • Compression
  • Rod Type
  • Hydrostatic Balance
  • Inertia Balance (Inclined Plain)
  • Fletcher's Trolley
  • Compound Pendulum, Reversible
  • Compound Pendulum , Kater's Reversible
  • Universal Force Table
  • Watt's Governor
  • Whirling Table
  • Collision In Two Dimensions
  • Lever Kit
  • Hard Wood Lever & S- Hooks
  • Simple Wheel And Axle
  • Compound Wheel And Axle
  • Metal Fly Wheel
  • Linear Air Track
  • Board Mounting
  • Aluminium, Plain Bearing
  • Screw Jack
  • Train of Gear Wheels
  • Free Fall Tube ( Guinea And Feather )
  • Pendulum Bobs , Lead , Brass
  • Scale Pans
  • Dynamics Trolleys
  • Ticker Tape Timer D.C.
  • Stroboscope , Manual & Digital
  • Stroboscope : Digital
  • Stroboscope , Hand
  • Pulley Block (Midget Hoist)
  • Aluminium, Single Clamp type
  • Pulley All Purpose
  • ' G ' By Free Fall Apparatus
  • Centi-Second Timer
  • Foot Pump
  • Photo Timing Gate
  • Centi-second Timer , Digital
  • Ticker Tape Timer A.C.
  • Falling Bodies Apparatus
  • Air Blower
  • Linear Air Track Accessories Kit 

Properties-Solids Mechanics

  • Wooden
  • Cubic Decimetre
  • Metal
  • Assorted Material
  • Materials Kit (Solids)
  • Young's Modulus Apparatus
  • Young's Modulus Apparatus, Searle's Pattern
  • Elastic Material Investigation Kit
  • Displacement Vessel, Tin/Brass
  • Displacement Vessel, Glass
  • Displacement Vessel, Large
  • Clear Plastic Container
  • Steel Spheres
  • Steel Springs
  • Soft Latex Foam Blocks 8 Pcs


  • Pascal's Apparatus
  • Spouting Jar
  • Metal
  • Communicating Vessel / Liquid Level Apparatus / Equilibrium Apparatus
  • Weighted Glass Bulb
  • Density Bottles
  • Bernoulli Tubes
  • Flow Meter
  • Capillarity Apparatus
  • Beaums Hydrometer


  • Crushing Cylinder
  • Magdeburg Hemispheres
  • Air Pump
  • Boyle's Law Apparatus
  • Boyle's Law Apparatus
  • Foot Pump
  • Manometer
  • Manometer , Vaccum Gauge
  • Hooke's Law Apparatus
  • Hare's Apparatus
  • Kinetic Theory Model
  • Smoke Cell , Whitley Bay

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