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Physics Lab Kit

Our physics lab kits are a combination of modern technology appropriate for higher science educational purposes. These kits are made using quality tested electronic components in adherence with international quality standards. The physics lab kits have been widely appreciated for precise measurements, reliability and durability.

Our range of physics lab kits includes:

·          Kerr Effect Experiment Kit

·          Newton's Ring Experiment Kit

·          Fresnel Bi prism Experiment Kit

·          Spectroscopy Experiment Kit

·          Michelson Interferometer

·          Electronic Plug-In Kit

·          Advanced Polarimeter Experiment Kit

·          Milikan Oil Drop Experiment

·          Measurement of Basic constants length, weight ,time

·          Modulus of Elasticity Hooks Law

·          Mathematical Pendulum

·         Moments of Inertia of different Bodies/Strainer’s Theorem

·         Measuring the Velocity of Light

·         Law of Lenses and optical Instruments

·         Newton’s Ring

·         Michelson Interferometer

·         Photometric Law of Distance

·         Lamberts Law

·         Polarimetry

·         Thermal Expansion in Solid and Liquids Heat Capacity of Gases

·         Joule Thomson effect of Metals

·         Heat capacity of Metals

·         Solar Ray Collector

·         Electricity measurement of Low Resistance

·         Wheatstone Bridge

·         Internal Resistance and Matching in Voltage Source

·         Faraday Law

·         Electrical Field and Potentials in the plate capacitor

·         Charging Curve of a Capacitor

·         Dielectric constant of different Material

·         Earth’s Magnetic Field

·         Magnetic Field of Signal Coils /Biot- Savart Law

·         Moment of inertia and angular acceleration

·         Mechanical conservation of energy/ Maxwell wheel

·         Reversible Pendulum

·         Torsional vibrations and torsion modulus

Physics Apparatus

Physics Apparatus

·         Our assortment of physics apparatus
          comprises of:
·         Expansion Apparatus Linear
      Micrometer Type 
·         Compound Strip 
·         Bursting Bottle
·         Copper Calorimeter
·         Calorimeter
·         Schuster And Lee's
·         Joule's Calorimeter
·         Calorimeter Blocks
·         Immersion Heater
·         Aluminum Container
·         Rivets
·         Metal
·         Steam Generator
·         Jug Kettle
·         Electric Kettle
·         Steam Heater ( Boiler )
·         Constant Level Tank
·         Solar Educational Kit
·         Malvern Energy Conversion Kit
·         Steam Engine Unit
·         Steam Engine Locomotive Design
·         Model
·         Engine Models
·         Sectional
·         Wankel Rotary Engine
|·         Differential Mechanism
·         Steering Mechanism
·         Single Drive Plate Clutch Mechanism
·         Gear Box
·         Water Turbine With Dynamo
·         Electrostatic Materials
·         Gold Leaf Electroscope
·         Electrostatics Kit
·         Van-Degraaff Generators
·         Electrophorus
·         Proff Plane
·         Conductors
·         Biot's Conductor
·         Pair Of Capacitor Plates
·         Aepinus Condenser
·         Wimshurst's Machine
·         Discharger
·         Pith Ball Pendulum Tate's
·         Faraday's Ice Pails
·         Electric Whirl

Acrylic Block, Rectangular
Clear acrylic all faces fully polished.

Size 75x50x18 mm.
Size 100x65x18 mm.
Size 115x65x18 mm.
Size 125x65x18 mm

Action Of Cams
For the construction of a unit to demonstrate cam action and the effect of different cam profiles cut from card.

Analog Lab Trainer (bread Board Model)
1. Advanced lab trainer for students to perform more than 50 experiments of analog electronics
2. Compatible with optional ready to use experimental modules.
3. Glass Epoxy PCB used as front panel of 300mmx220mm & mounted on light weight shock proof plastic cabinet.
4. On board power supplies, Function generator, and other input signals
5. Bread board provided
6. Supplied with connecting wires

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