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Apparatus To Show On Conductor In A Magnetic Field
Product description:

Comprising a strong U-shaped magnet and a pair of brass rails with 4 mm socket terminals. A brass axle with plastic discs is free to roll along the rails and completes the electrical contact between them. When the axle is placed on the rails between the poles of the magnets, and power supply unit is connected, the axle is repelled and rolls along the rails away from the center of magnetic field. Dimensions 175x60x58 mm.

Archimedes Principle Kit
To explain and calculate Archimedes principle. A complete self contained kit for exploring the concepts related to Archimedes principle, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Consists of a metal regular shaped solid, irregular shaped solid, beaker to collect displacement liquid, beaker. Newton meter, displacement vessel.

Auto Transformer
Product description:
Continuously variable voltage autotransformer, protected type. Comprises a tordially wound transformer with a continuously variable output voltage 0-260 volts A.C. steplessly under full load. Input 220-240 Volts A.C. 50 Hz. In stout metal case mounted on a metal base with two output terminals. Single phase with mains cable.

Product description:

Multiplate type, fitted with positive and negative plates, for heavy current loads in plastic container.

Voltage Capacity
2 45 AH
2 60 AH
2 75 AH
Voltage Capacity
2 45 AH
2 60 AH
2 75 AH


Acrylic Block, Semi Circular
Product description:

Clear acrylic, all faces fully polished.
Dia. x Thickness
90 x 16 mm.
90 x 25 mm.

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